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Cashews are an integral part of the Indian food space but do you know they occur in different grades? There are multiple qualities of cashews, and w400 is one of them.


The grade of cashews is defined in a clear way that represents how many kernels would be there in 1 pound of cashews.


W400 cashews mean that the whole kernel would produce 400 cashews per pound. The fewer the cashews per pound, the larger the cashews are.


W-400 is one of the best quality cashews, but such qualities are usually very expensive and hard to find.


The cashew grades of W-320 to W-450 are the most preferred ones because of their affordability and availability.


Why Should you go for W400 Cashew?

Let’s look at some of the special features of the w400 cashews.




The W400 cashews are one of the most economical grades in the market. Usually, 400 to 450 kernels are found in 1 pound, making the kernels a bit smaller than others.




The w400 are whole cashews which are mostly in white. Light yellow or other colors could be present, but white remains the most widely seen color.


Widely Available


W400 remains in huge demand, which makes it much more widely available in the market as well.


Wide availability and the cheaper rates make this grade one of the most used cashews.


Different Ways to Consume this W400 cashew


There is absolutely no difference in how differently you can consume these cashews. You can use them for almost everything that you would use cashews for. You can use it in the following to assimilate all of its nutrients:

Eat them raw!

Snack on a few of them or eat them anytime as they are a powerful source of energy. Make a habit of consuming a handful of cashew every day.

Roast Cashews:


Roast cashews and store them and eat a couple of them while they are hungry. Add some salt & pepper to increase its flavor. Roast in a heated pan or with a little ghee. They are recommended for those recovering from weakness due to their abundance of nutrients.


Cashew Roasted With Honey:


If you like sweet snacks, honey-coated cashews will delight you—sweet-toothed people enjoy cashews roasted with honey as a snack without adding many calories to your diet.


Cashew Roasted With Chocolate:


Chocolate coating the W400 cashews will turn them into a delectable dessert. They're the ideal solution to all of those chocolate cravings.


How to Identify the W400 grade cashews?


The only way to identify w400 cashews is to look at the kernels’ size and the number of kernels per pound. They are usually smaller, thinner, and lighter than the other qualities available in the market.


Obviously, you can’t count, but you can take a rough estimation to understand the grade of the cashews.


W400 cashews have 400 to 450 nuts in one pound. Or 880 to 990 in one kg.

Where To Buy W400 Cashews?

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If you were thinking of buying cashews or dry fruits online in Mumbai, you have come to the right place.


Aelea can help you get the best quality cashews at many affordable rates. They are one of the best wholesale suppliers in India and can give you better quality dry fruits for as little as 50% of the cost.


Aelea is one of the best cashew nuts wholesale suppliers in India. And will make sure that you receive the best dry fruits in Mumbai.

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    I am a health-conscious person and regularly include cashews in my diet. Being the leading cashew manufacturers in India, the quality of their cashews and their service both are No.1.

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