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Cashew nuts are an essential part of Indian cooking because of their distinctive taste and ability to blend with any other flavor. You can use broken cashew nuts to prepare delectable gravies, tasty rice preparations, and various mouth-watering sweets.

Cashew nuts make your dishes special as they:

     Give richness to food

     Add crunchiness

     Impart a distinct flavor

Another best part is that you can munch on them, in roasted form or raw, whenever you need an energy boost.

Health Benefits of Kaju you didn’t Know About

Kaju, originally from Brazil, is now grown abundantly in India and available throughout the year. Let us look at the health benefits of eating Kaju in detail.   

1.   Improves Nerve Health

For nerves to remain healthy, magnesium is crucial. By eating Kaju regularly, you can ensure your body gets its steady supply of magnesium to keep your nerves healthy and keep away migraines and tension headaches. You can get around 292 mg of magnesium in 100 g of cashew nuts.

2.   Maintains your Hair’s Health and Shine

Copper helps in the production of melanin. It is beneficial for your hair health if you consume cashew nuts or massage cashew oil onto your scalp. The linoleic and oleic acids present in cashew maintain your hair’s smooth texture is giving it a nice shine.

3.   Aids in Weight Loss

Being rich in omega-3 fatty acids, cashew nuts boost your metabolism and burn excess fat in your body. Eating them as a healthy snack will keep your stomach full and prevent food cravings.

4.   Adds Beauty to your Skin

Cashew nuts are rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals, and other nutrients. Oil extracted from cashew nuts is also high in selenium, which neutralizes free radicals and prevents wrinkles.

5.   Provides Essential Dietary Fibre

Cashews are good sources of oleic and palmitic acid. They are essential fibers your body requires and will help you digest your food better.

Which is better, broken or whole cashew?

Both cashews, broken or whole, are rich in essential nutrients like copper, iron, manganese, and magnesium. Besides being rich in fiber and low in sugar, they also contain plant protein. You get the full flavor even if they are broken, and that too at a lower price.

Cashew nuts retain their nutrition even when broken, which is why they are considered the perfect, nutritious snack all over the globe. You can add a nuttiness to sweets and pastry and enhance their taste by using broken cashew nuts.

Comparing broken and whole cashews

Broken Cashew

Whole Cashew

Cheaper than the entire cashew

You have to pay more for them

More crispy in taste

Less crisp

Add them to heavy gravies

Roast the nuts or eat them raw

Why are Cashews Expensive?

The reasons will make you believe that cashews are not expensive but worth the money:

     The process needed to obtain cashew nuts is very intensive and requires a lot of manual labor. Involving machinery will not yield the best results.

     Cashew greatly improves the taste and take it to another level. Since the demand is more than the supply, their prices are high.

     Their high nutritional value further imparts a lot of goodness to your holistic well-being.


Why you should buy broken cashew nuts from Aelea

Aelea supplies broken cashew nuts that are far superior in quality and that too at affordable prices. The cashews you buy undergo a lot of strict quality control measures before they are packed for delivery.


With Aelea, you can be sure that your cashews will reach you in time always. Their high-quality,  hygienic packing materials ensure that you receive the cashews in perfect condition.


Aelea is a reputed wholesale cashew supplier in India, known for making on-time and hassle-free deliveries.

  • yashumati mehta


    Yours is undoubtedly the best dry fruits in Mumbai as the Kajus you supply are always fresh and wholesome. Because of your world-class packaging, my favourite nuts always remain fresh for long periods.

  • Harish singh


    For me, you are the most dependable cashew wholesalers in Mumbai. I like the client-centric approach to your service and have always received my Kaju supplies in time. Thanks to you, my retail dry fruits shop is doing very well.

  • Nirali Ajit Mehta


    For my cake business, I always ensure to buy premium-quality dry fruits from reliable cashew manufacturers in India so that I always have the stock I need. Aelea has never let me down and supplies me with the best kaju any time I need.

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