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We all love the delicious cashews; they are an integral part of Indian cuisine. DW cashews are scorched whole nut cashews which are abundantly used in desserts and confectionary.


If you're new to the different grades of cashews available in the market, then let's take a look.

Grades of Cashews:

First Quality Fancy


These are amongst the highest-quality cashews on the market. Both kernels are similar in shape and color, ranging from white to light yellow to pale ivory.

Second Quality Scorched

These cashews are of the second-best rating on the market. The colors of cashew kernels range from yellow to light orange, light ivory, light ash-grey, and deep ivory.


Third Quality Special Scorched


The third variety comes in a variety of shades, from deep yellow, orange, amber, and medium to dark blue. They may be faded, immature, speckled with light brown, blemished, or discolored.


Fourth Quality


The fourth quality cashew kernels are somewhat similar to the first and second quality cashew kernels in that they have pitted spots. Only spots would allow you to distinguish between the first-second and fourth quality.


Lightly Blemished Wholes (LBW)


The colors of cashew kernels range from light brown to medium ivory, light ash-grey, and rich ivory. Less than 40% of the kernels are affected. Light brown speckles or blemishes are on the surface.


Lightly Blemished Pieces (LP)


Light brown, soft ivory, light ash-grey, or black ivory are the six grades of cashews. Light brown speckles or blemishes on the pieces' surfaces are appropriate as long as less than 20% of them are affected.


Blemished Wholes (BW)


This is the market's seventh-highest quality standard of cashews. Cashew kernels are available in a wide range of shades, from deep yellow, orange, amber, and light to deep blue.

Dessert Wholes (DW)

This is the final grade of whole nut cashews available in the market. Cashew kernels that have been scraped, deeply scorched, shriveled, deep-brown speckled, black speckled, blemished, or otherwise discolored belong to this type.


Are Cashews Really Expensive?


The cashew nut requires very intensive processing. The cashew nuts are roasted in a hull so that they could be cracked. In a lot of countries' cashews, nuts are still cracked using hands.


As DW comes under the middle of the lower grades of cashews, they are extremely popular because of their affordability and availability. If you are looking for Cashews and not willing to spend a lot of money, DW cashews can be your best bet!


Is it worth investing in DW Cashews?

Ask your nutritionist or a doctor - and they will tell you the SAME!

Different grades of cashews differ in shape, size, and colors, but they have no difference in nutritional values. DW cashews:


     Contain Magnesium and Phosphorus. Magnesium is essential for bone health and enzyme function.

     Contain iron which is a crucial component of hemoglobin, a basic component of red blood cells. The oxygen is transported from the lungs to the rest of the body by red blood cells.

     Contain 21 grams of protein per 100g of Cashews.

Buying Cashew From Wholesale Vs. Retail

If you are looking for a bang for your buck, then wholesale stores are your way. You can get supreme-quality cashews at a comfortable price. However, many wholesale do not let you buy in small quantities.


For a small quantity of cashew, retail is the only option

Why Aelea Is The Best Cashew Nuts Supplier In India?


Aelea provides the best quality cashews at almost 40 to 50% of the market rate compared to the other suppliers. If you were looking for the best cashew nut price in Mumbai, then Aelea is your best option.


Don’t forget to drop us a review after you have received your cashews!

  • Pritipal Singh


    I always order my supply of fresh nuts from you for my bakery since you always offer the most reasonable cashew nut wholesale price in Mumbai. As for service and delivery, no other supplier can match your quality.

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  • Harish singh


    Only a reputed dealer like Aelea can give you the best Kaju wholesale price in Mumbai. I speak from my personal experience and have always received the best offers from them for my wholesale needs.

  • Desiree Bradford


    When it comes to cashews, yours is easily the best cashew nut wholesale price in Mumbai. I have been buying cashews ever since I started my bakery, and you are the best supplier of high-quality dry fruits at competitive prices.

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