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Are you someone who loves cashews but is worried about its high pricing? Cashews are expensive, and not everyone has a budget for them. But if you can’t afford cashews, then don’t worry. There are various other options available in the market that can get your job done.


Lots of people buy cashews for cooking or garnishing purposes, usually at restaurants or sweet shops. If you are one of them, buying cashews can add up many costs to your business.


If you mainly use cashews for garnishing purposes or powder them to use on desserts or for other cooking purposes, buying baby bits cashews can be the best option.


If you’re new to baby cashews and don’t know much about them, then let’s take a look at what they are and how they can be the best option for you:


What’re Baby Bits, Cashew?


Just like there are various grades of cashews similarly, cashews are available in multiple forms. Broken cashews are also available in the market. Mostly these broken cashews are the pieces of the kernels that break while in the processing phase.


Baby bits cashews are also broken cashews which usually are broken as 4-5 pieces of one kernel. This is the best for looking for cashews, mostly for garnishing or other cooking purposes.


If you think they may not be that they are not that good and unusable, you are wrong! They are perfectly fine to consume!


If you’re looking for cashews to cook dishes like Biryanis, Dum Aloo, Afghani Paneer, sweets such as Kaju Katli, Pongal & desserts such as sheeras, basundi & Paal Payasam, Suits confectionaries & bakery needs then baby bits cashews is the option you should go for!.


How’s It Different From Other Grades?


The only difference in the baby bits cashews than the other cashews available in the market is in the shape and size they are available. Baby bits cashews are broken cashews available in smaller sizes, while the other grade cashews are usually full kernels.


All grades of cashews have long processing, and while in the process, many kernels get broken. These broken pieces of cashews are mostly sold as broken cashews. Baby bits cashews are one of the broken cashews available in the market.


Nutritional Content Of Baby Bits Cashew


Baby bits cashews are not different from the other grades of cashews. They are cashews but just broken! Therefore they have the same nutritional values as the other grades of cashews.


Cashews are very nutritious, and taking a few cashews every day can have a drastic improvement in your health.[1] 


Cashews are sources of minerals like copper, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, thiamin, vitamin B6, and vitamin K.


With 5% water, 30% carbohydrates, 44% fat, and 18% protein in their raw state, cashews have 553 calories per 100-gram serving, with 67 percent of the Daily Value in total fats, 36 percent in protein, 13 percent in dietary fiber, and 11 percent DV in carbohydrates. 


Best Place To Buy Baby Bits Cashews Online In Mumbai


If you are someone who was searching for “wholesale cashews nuts near me” and is looking to buy baby bits cashews, then Aelea is building the perfect store for you.


     Get a wide variety to choose from and get your favorite variety delivered directly to your doorstep. Order cashews online from the comfort of your home, say no to extra efforts!

     Stop wasting your money on the retail stores, get smarter, choose from the best wholesale shops in India. Aelea is there to give you the best deals on cashews online.

     Aelea is one of the most well-known cashew wholesalers in India. You will get the highest quality nuts at the best prices in India.

Now, what are you waiting for? Order your delicious cashews today!

You can link 9 benefits of eating cashews everyday here

  • Nirali Ajit Mehta


    I would advise getting your supply of cashews always from Aelea, who offers the best Kaju wholesale price in Navi Mumbai. Along with pricing, you are assured of superior quality and the best customer service.

  • Pritipal Singh


    I always order my Kajus online, but yours is the best cashew online at best price I have been offered so far. Surely, with your high quality of cashews and premium packaging, you are on the way to becoming the top cashew supplier in India.

  • Shabnam


    My restaurant needs a regular uninterrupted supply of cashews, and with Aelea, the top kaju manufacturer in India as my trusted supplier, I am now able to get any variety of cashews in the desired quantities throughout the year.

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