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Cashews are not only healthful foods but also popular giving items in India. Buying dry fruits is challenging not just because they are pricey but also because merchants utilise a variety of terminology and sorts of dry fruits to cover a wide range of price points. This makes deciding on dried fruit purchases complicated and time-consuming. Aelea is here to help you buy cashews in Mumbai and precisely the kind of cashews you require.

What do the letters W240, W320, and W450 stand for? Which should I choose?

The naming convention for cashew kernels must be understood. The letter 'W' refers to the whole, and the number # after it stands for the number of cashew kernels per 454 grams.

Cashews come in a variety of sizes and colours, including full (W180, W240, W320), splits (1/2), butts, and small dessert pieces (1/4); white vs light brown (roasted).

W180 has the greatest cashew kernel size and is also the most expensive, whilst W450 has the smallest cashew kernel size and is relatively less expensive. The most prevalent cashew kernels on the market are W240 and W320.

The cashews can be chosen based on the following scenarios:

Gift: Whole large size cashew kernels are preferred for gifting because they are more presentable. The larger, the better. Many buy cashew nuts of this kind.

Sweets / Chocolates: Split or roasted cashew kernels can be utilised depending on the type of sweet or chocolate. These are affordable and provide the desired flavour.

Stuffed Snacks: You can buy smaller sized cashew nuts online. They are an excellent choice for stuffed snacks like Samosas as they are reasonably priced.

Healthy Snacks: Raw cashew kernels are a nutritious and filling food that is high in calories. These are ideally served with whole cashew nuts. Cashews that have been roasted or salted are also preferred.

You can buy cashews in Mumbai of any kind to meet any of the above needs.

Where can I buy Cashews online in Mumbai?

One of the finest places to buy cashews online in Mumbai is at Aelea!

You've come to the right site if you're looking to buy cashews in Mumbai or buy cashews wholesale. Aelea is building the ideal online store for consumers to buy cashew nuts online or bulk buy cashew nuts at reasonable prices.

Cashews may now be purchased from the comfort of your own home. There's no need to go to the store and look through various sites. You can choose from many kinds of cashews to buy cashews wholesale.

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Aelea is one of the most recognised cashew wholesalers in India. Here you can buy cashews online in Mumbai for the best quality.

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