What Are the Benefits of Eating Raw Cashew?

What Are the Benefits of Eating Raw Cashew?

There is no one who does not love the cashew nut topping over a bowl of kheer or the Kaju Barfi in the Diwali sweet box. But are you aware that cashews are not meant only to glamorize the food in your kitchen? Kaju is also one of the most nutritious foods to include in your diet, and there are many raw cashew nuts benefits for your health. Cashew nuts are a storehouse of essential nutrients and are power-packed with minerals that will always keep your health up to the mark. These nuts are traditionally used to enhance the taste of any dish. However, the health benefits of raw cashews can also make them your perfect pre and post-workout snack meal or your evening binge bites.

Indians are primarily familiar with raw cashew nuts as garnish or toppings over sweet dishes and use them for thickening or making the gravies rich like korma. Cashew nuts do not add weight to your body. Instead, cashew nuts are a rich source of healthy fats that will provide your body with the calories you need and other essential micronutrients. These nuts are great as snacks or for munching. If you are currently pursuing your weight management journey and looking for some tasty and healthy items in your diet, cashews are all you need.  

We will now first look at the top benefits of eating raw cashew nuts in detail.     

Here are the top raw cashew benefits:

Raw Cashew Nuts are Best for Weight Management

If you are currently down with any lifestyle disorder that calls for immediate weight loss healthily, raw cashew nuts are the best things for you. Cashew nuts are rich in healthy fats and offer around 157 calories per ounce. One of the significant health benefits of raw cashews is that it does not contain only calories or fat but also has proteins and fibres. Cashews keep you full for a longer time, thus diminishing the craving for food. This is utterly helpful in weight management. For example, raw cashew salads or raw cashew smoothies can be some of the best foods for your breakfast or evening snacks. 

Raw Cashews are Nutrient Dense

There are multiple benefits of eating raw cashews. One of the significant benefits is that raw cashews are filled with micronutrients. In the quest to look for proper macronutrient intake for the body, we forget to pay enough attention to the requirement of micronutrients. Raw cashews are filled with essential micronutrients like copper, zinc, magnesium, iron, selenium, magnesium, phosphorus, Vitamin k, and B6. 

They are densely packed with polyunsaturated fats that are termed healthy fats and keep the lipid profile of your body correctly aligned. The fibres and proteins present in raw cashew nuts act as a rich energy source, keeping you full for a longer time. So where else could you find so much goodness in one power packet? If you want to imbibe all this goodness, you should explore eating raw cashew nuts in as many ways as possible. 

Raw Cashew Nuts Have Plenty of Antioxidants

Who does not know the benefits of antioxidants for the body? Antioxidants can not only scavenge the harmful free radicals of the body but also keep you healthy, fit and fine even with advancing age. Cashew nuts are a rich source of antioxidants in the body. 

Antioxidants contained in cashew nuts primarily include polyphenols and carotenoids. By reducing free radicals in the body, inflammation of the body lessens. One of the many benefits of eating raw cashews is that it increases the overall antioxidant level of the body that is highly beneficial for boosting immunity and making the body less vulnerable to diseases. 

Raw Cashew Nuts Can Keep Your Mood Happy

If you have frequent mood swings and have been feeling depressed lately, then raw cashews are a must for you. Cashew nuts are naturally infused with biochemicals named L-tryptophan, which is an essential amino acid for the body that is biochemically processed to form serotonin and Niacin. 

Serotonin thus produced is the precursor to dopamine or what we all know as the happy hormone for the body. Another product of the L-tryptophan breakdown is Niacin. Both these products are helpful in the synthesis of happy hormones and stress busters for the body. The increasing concentration of the hormones and biochemicals in the body induces the sensation of happiness and well-being and thus helps to fight depression while keeping the brain happier. 

Raw cashew nut benefits are inverse to their size. Cashews may be very small in size, but their goodness is beyond measure. A handful of cashews per day can give immense benefits. Cashew nuts can be taken in as the first meal of the day. Soak the cashews in water overnight and have the nuts early morning. 

Also, cashew nuts are great as pre-workout meals because of their high-calorie content. When back from the office or workout, a glass of cashew nut smoothies can give your body the much-needed refreshment and energy dose. 

When feeling lost or depressed, most people crave unhealthy snacks. If you can replace the unhealthy snacks with a handful of raw cashews, it will not only reduce your binge eating craving but will help you fight depression. Just keep a handful of cashew near you. They are good for munching when you crave a midnight snack or are working late at night. 

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