Top Tips to Choose the Cashew Nut Supplier in India

Top Tips to Choose the Cashew Nut Supplier in India

Dry fruits are available everywhere around you. Cashews are an integral part of Indian cuisine, and you can find them in almost every departmental store or supermarket. We all know that not all cashews are of the best quality. So, if you want your Kaju Katli to turn out just as you wish or your post-workout munching to feature the best cashew nuts, you must choose the best cashew nut manufacturers in India.

If you are facing a dilemma regarding how to choose the best cashew nut supplier in India, here are some quick tips for you:

Reliable Sourcing

Ensuring that the cashew nuts you buy and consume are sourced from authentic farms is essential. Before choosing any Kaju manufacturer in India, do not forget to check their production and sourcing information. The manufacturer you buy from must adhere to industry standards for sourcing, testing, and packaging cashew nuts to ensure safe and sound quality. There are numerous food-grade standards applicable for cashew nuts. Before buying cashews from any cashew nut supplier in India, make it a must to check this information to mitigate your chances of being duped by frauds. 

Availability of Varieties

Cashews come in multiple varieties. The variants could be in terms of shape, size, and quality. For example, when looking for a reliable cashew nut supplier in India, it is mandatory to check whether he sells all the cashew variants or not. When you choose a Kaju manufacturer in India who sells a plethora of cashew varieties, it becomes easier to choose. With suppliers who sell only a limited number of cashew variants, the scope of choice becomes narrow, and one has to go for the poor varieties simply because they are compelled to. So, you need to first check whether the particular supplier sells the best cashew varieties or not. For example, suppliers who have access to multiple types are seasoned cashew nut manufacturers in India, and you can be assured of their reputation.


We all look forward to getting the desired products at the most affordable prices. Dry fruits are indeed not a very cheap commodity. Hence, it is customary to look for suppliers who offer premium quality cashew nuts at affordable prices. Consumers must know the median market price of the particular cashew nut variety before they order it from any Kaju manufacturer in India. However, also check whether the supplier is compromising the quality of the cashew or the packaging in the quest to offer the lowest price. 

You should tally the product quality with the price and the price being asked for with the market price. Place your order only after being satisfied with the price and quality. You can also save money by taking advantage of special lucrative offers. Buying cashew nuts wholesale is also an excellent way to save money.

Availability of Desired Quantities

Many consumers like hotels, caterings, or even households have cashew nut requirements in bulk. If you are also planning to buy cashew nuts in bulk, do not forget to check whether your supplier offers cashew nuts in your desired quantities. For example, purchasing cashew nuts at wholesale is a super saver deal because one can save money by ordering large quantities at once. However, if you choose a wholesale cashew nut supplier in India, do not forget to check whether they offer corresponding delivery options. 

If you are scouting for small quantities of cashew nuts, you can also go for the suppliers who sell retail quantities of cashews. It is better to check each seller's highest and lowest amounts of possible supplies before placing an order with them. Also, look at the packaging information they provide because when buying cashews in bulk, one has to be super conscious about the packaging in which it comes to ensure better shelf life. 


The product quality and the service of the Kaju suppliers make a huge difference in client relationships. It would be best to establish long-term relationships only with those suppliers who have decent delivery services and are ready for good after-sales services. You must be able to easily reach out to your supplier to clear all your queries. Also, the supplier must guide you on the different varieties of cashews that they offer and the benefits of each. Also, pay importance to the availability of various necessary service faucets, such as easy online order placement, non-contact doorstep delivery, and convenient online payment options. 

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