Right Way of Buying Bulk Cashew Nuts

Right Way of Buying Bulk Cashew Nuts

Most of us believe that buying food items in bulk is a loss because the whole lot will get bad or rotten. But that is not the truth. If you plan to purchase any food item in bulk, you only have to ensure the quality is excellent. Likewise, when you are buying cashew nuts, always conduct thorough research. Search online for wholesale cashew nuts near me before deciding on the best destination to buy your favourite nuts. 

Cashew nuts can be eaten raw, taken as a snack, or used in multiple dessert and savoury recipes. One can also grind them and take out the milk to enjoy delicious cashew milk or even turn them into cheese. To try your hand at various cashew recipes, you need to have a stock of bulk cashew nuts. By searching for the best bulk cashews near me, you can easily locate the Aelea Market. 

Different Ways to Use Cashew Nuts - 

Since the festive season is knocking at the door, it would be great if you get an idea about how to use cashews in multiple ways:

Different uses of cashew nuts

When to have

Cashew nut smoothie


Wholesome cashew nuts

Before festive season or marriage season for weight loss

Cashew creamy gravy

Sumptuous meal 

Kaju Barfi

Celebration time 

Cashew nuts are a storehouse of minerals and nutrients and packed with goodness. They can be ideal for binge eating since they have minimal side effects. One can include cashews in their weight management or diet regimes. So if you are planning to get in shape before the festive season and are currently following a weight loss regime, then start including cashew nuts.

Cashew nuts have healthy fats that are great for your cardiovascular health. They help to keep your heart in good health and your blood sugar level under control. Grind the cashew nuts and take out the milk from them. Now prepare tasty smoothies with it or turn it into cheese. This can be an ideal meal, even for breakfast.

All of us love to prepare unique dishes during festivals. Blended cashew nuts are good for preparing rich, thick and creamy gravy. You can add blended cashews in malai paneer, korma, rezala and multiple other dishes. Are you thinking of where to get bulk cashews near me? Connect with the Aelea Market online store.

Not only can cashews make the gravy rich, but cashews can also add crunch to many recipes. Finely chopped cashews can be an excellent topping for stir fry and other salads. They are also good to go as a topping. 

Cashews can be a great addition to desserts. Add crunch to cookies and biscuits by adding cashew pieces to them. Prepare creamy cashew desserts like Kaju Barfi and surprise your family. This festive season, fill the Diwali gift boxes with a handful of cashews and send the love to your friends, family and loved ones. 

You can prepare vegan, dairy-free ice cream and milkshakes with cashew milk if you are allergic to traditional dairy items because of lactose intolerance. Soak a handful of cashews in lukewarm water and blend them properly. Now use this as a coffee creamer to enjoy delicious dairy-free coffee. Cashew milk is exceptionally healthy and is a perfect option for all people with a dairy aversion.

Can Bulk Buy Cashew Nuts be a Smart Choice?

Yes, indeed it is. Cashew nuts are an integral part of Indian cuisine, and they fit nicely into any dish, be it sweet, savoury, stir fries or smoothies. If you have cashews at hand, you can prepare a variety of tasty savoury recipes or festive desserts anytime you want. If you bulk buy cashew nuts, you will always have enough cashews for making your favourite recipes.

Here are the top 4 benefits of bulk buy cashew nuts

  • It saves time, effort and energy spent on buying cashews multiple times. 

  • Is it eco-friendly for the environment? When you bulk buy cashew nuts, the packaging is done in a single plastic wrapper. Whereas when you buy the same quantity multiple times, numerous plastic wrappers are involved and needless to say that it is harmful to the environment. Hence buying cashews in bulk is sustainable for the earth. 

  • Buying cashews in bulk from Aelea Market will allow you to avail yourself of special discounts that are applicable only for wholesale purchases. 

  • When you order cashews in bulk and opt for home delivery, you get the cashews delivered to your doorstep without facing any hassle. When you search for bulk cashews near me, Aelea Market will appear on top of the list, and then, you can easily place your order.

  • For restaurant owners and food catering services, buying cashews in bulk can be extremely helpful in money and time.

How Can You Keep Cashew Nuts Fresh for a Long Time?

Buying cashews in bulk invites the fundamental problem of storing them properly. With a few precautions in mind and by following some simple steps, one can store a bulk amount of cashew appropriately and keep them fresh for a long time. Let us now glance at some of them:

  • Always choose cashew nuts that are organically sourced and are perfect for storage for extended periods. There are unique varieties of cashews that are specially processed to have a long shelf life. If you are planning to store cashews in bulk, go for these varieties.

  • The best tip to keep cashews fresh for a long time is to keep them away from air. When buying cashews in bulk, never start using the whole lot at once. Transfer small quantities of cashew nuts from the stock into small airtight containers. In this way, they remain fresh for long periods.

  • To preserve cashews for a more extended period, keep them away from heat. Storing them at a cool place will help to keep them fresh for a long time. 

  • If you plan to store cashew nuts for more than 6 to 8 months, then storing them in the refrigerator is the best option. Long term storage of cashews is best achieved through refrigerating them. 

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