Is Cashew Nuts Good for Diabetes?

Is Cashew Nuts Good for Diabetes?

A closer look at the diet chart of any diabetes patient reveals that there is a recommendation for the inclusion of a high amount of nuts and fibers. Now the question arises - Is cashew nut good for diabetes? Cashew nut is one food that is highly recommended by nutritionists for diabetes patients. Various types of tree nuts like walnuts, almonds, and cashew nuts are good for diabetes patients. Not only for the patients, but they are also good for reducing the risk of development of diabetes ( especially type 2 diabetes).

Cashew nut for diabetes is a perfect food and contains a sufficient amount of unsaturated fat that is considered as the healthy fat to be included in our diet. The unsaturated fat helps keep our heart healthy, protects us against various types of cardiovascular diseases, and lowers the cholesterol level. Most importantly, unsaturated fat plays a major role in keeping the blood sugar level under control. This clarifies why cashew is good for diabetes and needs to be included in our daily diet.

Is Cashew Nut Good for Diabetes?

The nutritional profile of cashew for diabetes speaks a lot about the health benefits of this amazing nut. It is an excellent source of unsaturated fat and also a great source of carbohydrates and dietary fibres. In India, cashew nuts are consumed in various forms - as a snack, as a workout meal, and included in traditional Indian recipes like gravies and desserts.

 Still thinking - are cashews good for diabetics?

Here is the overall nutritional breakup of cashew nuts or our very own Kaju that will convince you about the benefits of cashews for diabetes.

 Glycemic Index Score = 22

100 gm cashew nuts provide around 30 g of carbohydrates, around 20 gm of protein, and 45 gm of fats.

 Cashew nuts for diabetes are a vital source of healthy dietary fats like oleic acid. Oleic acid is highly responsible for enhancing High-Density Cholesterol (also known as good cholesterol) in our body. Cashew nuts are also a great source of micronutrients like copper, magnesium, and minerals. Including cashew nuts in the diet can help us prevent the deficiency of micronutrients and save us from developing diseases. Regular intake of cashew nuts also helps in the improvement of bone health, immunity power and is great for boosting brain functions. The answer to your question, “ Is cashew nuts good for diabetes” is that with so many nutrients in cashews, diabetics can benefit a lot from eating cashews daily.

Why Are Cashews Good for Diabetics?

If you are still laden with the question - is cashew nut good for diabetes? Then the answer is yes. As mentioned previously, cashew nuts are highly effective in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. So, it is a highly recommended food item for all diabetics. Even if you have not developed diabetes yet, but your blood sugar level indicates that you have a possibility of developing, then also you can have cashew nuts to keep away from it. And if you have already developed diabetes, make sure that you positively include at least a handful of cashews to your platter every day. This properly answers the query,” Are cashews good for diabetics?”

Can Diabetics Eat Cashews?

Is cashew good for diabetes, and can they eat it daily? Cashew nuts help in regulating and lowering the High-Density Cholesterol content of the blood. One of the main targets for diabetes patients is to keep their body weight under control, and cashew nuts greatly help in that. Components of cashew nuts also keep the glucose level under control, thus providing an overall benefit for diabetics in all aspects. The fat percentage of cashew nuts is quite low, and that is an added advantage for diabetics. Sugar spikes in the case of diabetes are extremely harmful to the patient, and cashew nuts precisely help to control them. So if you are still pondering, “can diabetics eat cashew nuts?” the answer is yes.

How to Include Cashew Nuts in a Regular Diet?

Many people still think, “is cashew nut good for diabetes”? - Well, yes, they are extremely good. Cashew good for diabetes patients and people who are currently on a weight loss journey or weight management regime. But many people are confused over how to include cashew nuts in their everyday food routines. There are multiple ways to do so. Either eat them raw or salted.


Diabetics also have to follow a strict exercise schedule and cashew nuts are an excellent pre and post-workout meal. If you feel that eating raw cashews is a bit boring for you, then try out other recipes, such as cashew nut drinks and smoothies. Cashew nut milk can be used for making dairy-free vegan cheese and curd, which is a favourite of many. If you are allergic to lactose in milk, try out cashew milk instead. 

Roasted cashew nuts with honey or olive oil can be excellent as afternoon snacks or for binge eating. Dry roasted cashew nuts coated with your favourite spice mix can be the ideal movie-time snack. If you like desserts, add some jaggery-coated cashews to oatmeals or desserts and treat yourself with these healthy desserts to keep your craving under control and improve your health.

How Much is Cashew Nut Good for Diabetes?

Every day an average person can consume up to ten cashew nuts as it is filled with healthy fat and protein. Cashew nuts can be consumed during any time of the day. However, it is always better if you consume them during the evening time. This is because we tend to consume junk food mostly during the evening, and cashews are a great way to replace unhealthy junk food. Besides, the high oxalate content in cashew nuts keeps one safe from various physiological disorders like kidney problems.

This is another good answer for the question, “Is cashew nuts good for diabetes”?

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 I think we have satisfactorily answered your question, “Is cashew good for diabetes”? Yes, if you ask, can diabetics eat cashews every day. They can because the delightful nuts are very rich in nutrients and are an excellent snack to keep up the energy levels of diabetic people.


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