Cashew Nut Processing Business

Cashew Nut Processing Business

Cashew nuts are one of the most exotic dry fruits in India. The delicious nut has almost become synonymous with the word dry fruit in India. That is exactly the reason why the Cashew nut processing business is so much in the trend nowadays. Commercial cultivation and processing of cashew nuts is a lucrative business in India. India has a profitable market for cashew nuts, and there are many states that are into the commercial cultivation of cashews and consider it one of the most profitable plantation crops. These states are Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, parts of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Thus the cashew growing belt is mostly in the Southern parts of the country. Cashew Nuts are natives of Brazil and were introduced in India by the Portuguese. Cashew trees are evergreen trees that grow best in coastal regions. These trees were not used for their products initially. They were planted to control soil erosion but later on, they evolved as one of the most profitable plantation crops in India.

Basics of Cashew Processing Business

Cashews are undoubtedly one of the most demanded dry fruit in the Indian market. The cashew nuts are naturally formed as a fleshy fruit that is popularly termed cashew apple. The seeds of the cashew apple fruit are processed to get the cashew nuts. The remaining part of the fruit is not wasted. Instead, it is processed into something called Feni, a fermented drink popular mostly in the South Indian states. When it comes to cashew nut production and processing, Kerala is the leading state in India. Most of the cashew nut processing units are centred in Kerala. The most striking feature of cashew nut processing is that it is highly labour intensive. However, today, machines are slowly replacing the man-made labour force. Cashew processing is at the heights of success these days. In fact, many budding entrepreneurs are taking immense interest in this business by looking at the profit figures. Though the industry is tedious, yet it has a lucrative and promising future. Here you can read some of the most interesting and important facts about the cashew processing business:

The cashew nut processing business is a perennial business venture since cashew nuts are always available and always in demand. It has now become a staple for every Indian household. Thus, in no season or under no circumstances can the processed cashew nuts run out of demand. Hence, if properly carried out and organized, the cashew nut processing business can yield profits throughout the year. The growth of cashew nuts in India has escalated highly with modern agricultural techniques. With more emphasis on organic and sustainable growth methodologies, cashew nut cultivation has become better. As a result, the market demand for organically grown cashew nuts is on a high rise. With advancing agricultural techniques, high yield varieties are evolving, which is beneficial for the cashew business. Traditional cultivation techniques are much on the decline now and are gradually replaced by modern techniques. The consumption of dry fruits and their constant demand in the market is one of the leading reasons for attracting so many entrepreneurs to invest in cashew nut processing firms. Also, India has become one of the core hubs for the export of cashew nuts across the globe. Cashew nuts are not only consumed in the raw form or included as an ingredient in the recipes but are also an important raw material in various other industries like the bakery, snack industry and sweet industry. It is extensively used in almost all forms of confectionaries, dairy products, and desserts. Here are some important facts to consider before you plan to start a cashew nut business: Before you actually get into the field for starting the cashew business, do some proper research and emphasize preparing a detailed report. The area of the business unit, the estimations, costs and expected earnings - everything should be mentioned in the report. This will help in the setup process. The aim of any cashew processing unit should be profit maximization as well as to ensure providing employment opportunities to the maximum number of people.

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