Best Kaju At Unbelievable Prices

Best Kaju At Unbelievable Prices

Tasty and Healthy Vegan Dry Fruit

If you too are in love with cashew nuts - the healthiest vegan food that is nutrient-dense and rich in the goodness of essential micronutrients, then you can now buy cashew nuts online at the best deals ever. Raw cashew nuts are infused naturally with omega-three fatty acids, one of the best known healthiest fats capable of keeping the blood cholesterol level under control. It is advisable not to roast the cashew nuts because exposure to high temperatures can destroy the omega-three fatty acids in them. Now buy cashew nuts online from our store.

However, many cashew snack lovers love to have roasted and spiced cashew bites. Cashew nuts are one of the best plant food sources and are entirely vegan. Often, the vegans suffer a lot during their weight loss or crash diet, intermittent fasting regimes because they cannot consume protein-loaded meat or eggs. Cashew nuts are an excellent option for them. It is an entirely vegan and quality addition to your diet plans. We offer the best Kaju wholesale price in Mumbai.

Cashews - Versatile and Tasty Dry Fruit

Most of you must be aware of the traditional ways cashews are used in desserts and Indian recipes, but there are so many other ways to use Cashew. One can use them in plenty of different ways. You can add cashews to your breakfast bowl with milk and cornflakes to add a bit of crunch in your oatmeal bowl. If you are allergic to dairy milk, you can grind soaked cashews in a blender and get the milk out of it. Add cashews to your morning smoothies to make them healthier and keep you full for a longer time. Cashews have a high density of dietary fibres that is not only good for your guts but also a great inclusion in your lifestyle management diet. Cashews are great for binge eating. If you are hungry during midnight and want something to munch, grab a handful of cashews. We offer the cheapest Kaju Wholesale price in Mumbai.

You can also find plenty of cashew snack varieties at our online store, like spiced cashews, roasted cashews, which are a great option as mid-day or evening snacks. If you are too busy to pack some cooked food in your lunch box, fill the box with some cashews, raisins, almonds, and pistachios. It is filling as well as nutritious. Cashews have a high quantity of good fat, proteins, and fibres, along with essential micronutrients that are good for the development of the body. Consumption of cashews has minimal side effects. 

You can include split cashews in your salads to increase the crunchiness. Even for kids, cashews are a great snack option. Replace the unhealthy food on their plate with premium quality dry fruits like cashews. It is suitable for their growth and development and keeps them full for a longer time. This dramatically reduces the craving for other sugary items that are harmful to the health. 

Aelea- Top Kaju Manufacturer in India

We are one of the top and most reputed Kaju manufacturer in India and offer 100percent authentically sourced, organic and pure cashews to our customers. Each packet of Cashew we sell is exclusively tested before packaging and has a long shelf life. Each grade of Cashew has a different price according to its quality. The whole cashews are priced higher than the split ones. We have all types of cashews at our online store. You can choose from a wide variety. Get fresh cashews at the best prices and also avail of the latest discounts.

Reach out to us for all kinds of cashew nuts offers. We sell cashews both to wholesalers and retailers. Visit our online store for more details on the prices of various cashew varieties like W180, W240, W320. We also give the option of same-day doorstep delivery to our customers. Now get premium cashews supplied at your doorstep with minimal charges. Connect with us today for availing the best quality premium cashews at your doorstep. We offer prices better than dry fruit wholesale market Navi Mumbai. Best cashews and dry fruits are now just a click away. Buy the best cashews at the lowest prices. Stay out of the long queues and waiting hours at departmental stores, and don’t let the pandemic restriction ruin your dining experience. We are ready to make your food. If you want to get the best Cashew nut wholesalers in Mumbai contact number, visit our online store. You will be enthralled to get such a wide variety of premium dry fruits at such cheap prices.

Be it the festive season or the start of a weight-loss journey, cashews are one of India's most highly appreciated dry fruits, representing richness and authenticity. Fill your kitchen pantry with the best cashews from our online store for Cashew nuts wholesalers in Thane market Mumbai. For more details, connect with us today.


Before bringing a product to market, we go through a lot of consideration and speak with multiple experts on quality, authenticity, and flavor. Each item is tasted and verified individually for quality and flavor.

We are India's most reputable Kaju manufacturers, providing our customers with 100% authentically sourced, organic, and pure cashews. Each Cashew packet we sell is thoroughly tested before being packaged, and it has a good shelf life.


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